Looking for Windows Hosting in Pakistan?

Are you looking for best windows hosting provider for your next ASP.Net project at a very reasonable rate in Pakistan? Then today we will share the complete details on how you can compare and buy a good hosting from local hosting company in Pakistan.

windows hosting

What is Windows Hosting?

Before going deep about the company, lets talk about windows hosting and why people use it? Windows hosting is used to host applications which are specifically developed in ASP.Net with MSSQL. ASP.net is one of the framework provided by Microsoft which helps developer to develop the applications for desktop and also for online as well using visual studio.

What are Hosting Requirements for windows application?

To host a windows based application online one needs to have Windows server with MSSQL. Then the developer able to deploy there application on the server. Without that its hard to configure the application.

The following are the requirements to run a typical windows hosting application online:

  • Windows Server
  • IIS Management
  • MySQL Access
  • Microsoft SQL Enterprise 2005 & 2008
  • MVC 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • ASP.NET 4.5.2 New, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0.5, 1.1.4, & classic ASP 7.0.6
  • C#, VB#
  • MS SQL Reporting

When it comes to windows hosting it should be reliable and secure. Usually most of the hosting providers are only providing windows hosting option while there are few which are offering windows hosting solution. Due to its high license costs typically hosting providers prefer Linux hosting to deploy the PHP & MySQL based sites on the servers as its very easy to use and manage. Although Linux has its own benefits but to deploy windows application you will need a windows server with all features and requirements based on the development. There are many plans available with various features and capabilities from which you can select the desired one as needed!

Selection of a Right Hosting Company:

Selecting right windows hosting company is always a critical point as its not as easy as it looks like. I have been struggling a lot while selecting a windows hosting server. As the advertised price is always different as compared to the actual prices. There are always hidden prices like additional license cost, resources cost and also sometimes you end up with additional support cost. Which makes a really bad experience to run the application. When we talk about online application then it meant to be 24/7 as you can not compromised with downtime. So to cover that one have to make sure that they are on the right track while choosing a hosting company.

Windows Hosting Provider in Pakistan?

Let me ask a question. Why we need a local hosting provider? There are so many benefits when it comes to local hosting provider, the one and most important is it is being run by local person who speaks and understand local language and usually operate the company at same time you are working. So this helps you to solve your queries right away! Other important part is you can pay in local currency. So looking at all these benefits this is the best option you can proceed with local hosting provider. Windows Hosting when it comes to Pakistan, there is hardly any provider who is offering at a very reasonable price. However, Unique Links is offering the best suitable option for the students to host the windows applications easily using latest MVC and ASP frameworks.

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